Shore makes shift plans easy

Simple shift planning and handling of employee absences

Create digital shift plans, handle all important staff information, and let customers book exactly the team member they'd like to have their appointment with.

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What Shore delivers

Create easy-to-understand and reliable shift plans with just a few clicks.

Digitally managing employee absences like vacation or sick days is a breeze with Shore.

Take care of all important staff information centrally and securely with your digital employee profiles.

Is Shore worth it for me?

Calculate without stress and with just a few clicks how you and your business can benefit from Shore.

Link your shift plan to your online appointment booking

Shore is so much more than a work schedule. Our software joins and synchronizes your shift plan and online appointment booking. Your customers get to see when their favorite team member has an appointment available for them, and can book it right on the spot.

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Easy, at-a-glance shift planning

Paper work schedules with their clutter and crossed-out entries are a pain. Shore lets you digitally create your shift plan easily and intuitively. Everything is at-a-glance. This not only saves you hassle, it also gets rid of misunderstandings about work times. Shore lets you see exactly which team members are working and when.

Digitally manage employee absences

Shore's shift plan lets you select and enter vacations, sick days, and other absences. This gives you a direct overview of your team's work schedule. Who's in next week, and who's out or on vacation? Shore automatically keeps customers from booking an appointment with a specific team member until they're back.

Know what you need to about your team members

Shore's digital employee profiles let you save all important staff information like their address, contact information or birthday safely and centrally in one place. This also lets you set which services can or cannot be booked with a specific team member.

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Useful employee performance data

Shore's reporting feature delivers information about your employees' performance. Find out how many customers one of your team members is taking care of during which business hours, and how much revenue they're generating for your business. Shore gives you a reliable analysis of how your team is performing.


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