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Shore’s POS lets you easily plan and manage your company’s inventory amounts and movements.

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What Shore delivers

Manage and categorize your inventory with just a few clicks.

Keep extra inventory on hand, and set order dates so you never run out.

Shore’s reporting feature lets you know which of your products are selling the best.

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Never lose sight of your products and inventory

Our digital inventory control system will make sure you never lose track of what’s going into and out of your stock. The Shore POS administration feature lets you categorize your products the way you want. Enter specific product details for different sales channels. You can specify your products not only according to their article numbers, descriptions, prices, or pictures, but also based on their sub-categories, product groups, or even customer favorites. No matter how you do it, you and your staff will always have a handle on things. You can also offer discounts, or put products to the side for customers to pick up at a later time or date.

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Shore’s intelligent inventory control system

Sold-out products? Ordered too much? Shore's POS makes these hassles a thing of the past. The automated inventory administration lets you get the most out of real-time updates to your inventory after each sale. Set re-order dates to make sure your bestsellers are always in stock, or have the system remind you on a specific date which articles are running low.

Integrated into the Shore POS payment system

The Shore POS iPad payment system combined with Shore’s inventory control system saves you time, cuts down on paperwork, and keeps things in order for you and your staff. Shore POS makes inventory control, payments, accounting, and managing your products a breeze. You’ll also get great statistics and live reporting features that will help you cut down on unnecessary extra chores. Shore POS is in full compliance with all financial laws and regulations, and can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

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Inventory’s never been this easy

To make your inventory management even simpler, Shore’s Plus Package gives you the feature of exporting a list of your entire inventory with just one click for additional updates and use. Upload the list again, and all of your changes will automatically be updated in the system. It’s a great way to save time by cutting out manual entries, and makes managing your inventory even faster.


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